Social Media & Influencer Marketing Conference

National Centre For Scientific Research “Demokritos” Πατριάρχου Γρηγορίου Ε’ & Νεαπόλεως 27, Αγία Παρασκευή

Keeping industry professionals up to date with all the latest trends and developments since 2010, Social Media Conference will help attendees discover the latest Social Media trends, learn what works today in every platform, and get inspired by some of the world’s top experts.

Social Media Awards 2022

Fantasia Live Λ. Ποσειδώνος 5, Ελληνικό

Honoring the very best since 2012, Social Media Awards return in their 10th edition to recognize the most creative, innovative and effective case studies of the year. However, this Award Ceremony will be truly special, as there will be a lot more. Are you ready to find out the top 10 agencies and brands of […]

Programmatic Advertising Conference

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

One of BOUSSIAS’ longer-standing events, the Programmatic Advertising Conference provides key updates and information on all latest trends and best practices, in order to assist marketers, agencies and publishers in further developing and enhancing their Programmatic strategies within the context of emerging major opportunities and changes in evolving business models.