Plastics Conference

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

It analyzes the new developments in the plastics industry in Europe, at the level of regulations. It presents the way leading plastics companies are adapting to the new institutional framework, with the contribution of innovation and technology. At the same time, it focuses on the new policies implemented in Greece to stimulate the recycling of […]

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All Things Facebook & Instagram

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

All Things Facebook & Instagram returns physically, for its 12th edition, with an all-star lineup of speakers, to help marketers & agency executives learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working right now on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & WhatsApp. Taking place on February 16, 2023, the event will bring together 500 marketers with top practitioners, […]

Information Security Conference

Eugenides Foundation Λ. Συγγρού 387, Π. Φάληρο

The Information Security Conference brings together executives of the largest businesses, decision-makers, market experts, academics, and Info Sec experts, who will unveil strategies, practices and technologies that synthesis’s the information security today. The conference takes place for the 10th time and is gathering more than 250+ C-Level attendees each year. All those high-level executives, presenting […]

Good Practices in Customer Service

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

At the conference of Good Practices in Customer Service, which returns on the 23rd of February, 25+ distinguished professionals of the leading companies from various industries will present case studies which highlight good practices and successful actions in the field of Customer Service.

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3rd International Conference on Rare Diseases: Greek Chapter

Technopolis City of Athens Πειραιώς 100, Αθήνα, Αθήνα

The conference is co-organized for the 3rd year by “95”, Hellenic Alliance Greece and Heath Daily and has become a must attend event globally aiming to capture the entire journey of Rare Patients from Diagnosis to Access to the treatments and care they need. The aim of these two days is, through the exchange of […]

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Health & Safety Awards 2023

Health & Safety Awards 2023, recognize and reward the effectiveness of the Health & Safety Management system of employees, as well as the leading practices in the management of occupational Health & Safety, from companies, organizations, agencies and related service providers. The Health & Safety Awards annually highlight the outstanding efforts made by businesses and […]

Procurement Conference

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

The leading conference for Procurement professionals is presented by BOUSSIAS for the 3rd year. Today, more than ever, Procurement is in the spotlight. As volatility has become the norm, Procurement departments are driving the required business changes regarding supply chain disruptions, inflation, risk management, energy crisis, decarbonization and climate change. Join us at the Procurement […]

Future of Cities Conference

Αίθουσα Ιωνία | Riviera Coast Αίθουσα Ιωνία | Riviera Coast, Βούλα

Smart Cities Conference 23 aims to inform public administration and local government officials about: • the latest developments and trends • the know-how from the most renowned Greek and international speakers • the challenges of the times, the solutions for a better and safer life in the cities, economic development and sustainability, in order to […]

Audio 360

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

The evolution of the digital ecosystem has meant that audio, long considered a secondary medium, has thrust itself to the fore as a fast growing market.  Consumption and ad spend data in all advanced markets underline its emergence both as a highly engaging medium, especially for 'hard to reach' audiences, and as an innovative advertising […]