Programmatic Advertising Conference

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

One of BOUSSIAS’ longer-standing events, the Programmatic Advertising Conference provides key updates and information on all latest trends and best practices, in order to assist marketers, agencies and publishers in further developing and enhancing their Programmatic strategies within the context of emerging major opportunities and changes in evolving business models.

Sales in Action Conference

Novotel Athenes Μιχαήλ Βόδα 4-6, Αθηνα, Αττική

The Sales in Action Conference returns on the 11th of July to celebrate the power of Sales. More than 25 speakers, distinguished professionals from the Greek business landscape, will talk about the new trends, best practices but also the challenges that the field of Sales faces through a series of back-to-back presentations. How has the […]

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HR Awards 2023

The HR Awards, for 9 consecutive years, motivate Companies and Organizations to highlight their achievements, unique initiatives, innovative actions and good practices of their HR Teams. The HR management teams put themselves under the evaluation of a highly estimated panel of judges and compete in many different categories of actions that reflect the efforts and […]

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Compliance Awards 2023

The awards recognize and reward excellence, innovation and best practices in the Compliance industry, highlighting the key role of Compliance in the business growth, the successful implementation of corporate strategy and in the optimization of the socio-economic environment.

The Data Conference

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

The Data Conference will address the today's most important challenges for Chief Data Officers & Data Analysts, covering areas such as Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI, giving the opportunity to senior market executives, government officials and academics to share their experiences through a plenty of business cases, discuss best practices, talk about […]

Customer Loyalty Management

OTEAcademy Amphitheatre Πέλικα & Σπάρτης 1, Αθήνα

The Customer Loyalty Management Conference, the only conference exclusively dedicated to the management of Customer Loyalty, returns on the 20th of September to inform the audience of the new trends, strategies but also technological solutions which define the field of Customer Loyalty and impact the relationship the companies have with their customers. How can the […]

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Ship IT Conference

Ploes Ιωάννου Φιξ, Παλαιό Φάληρο

9th ShipIT Conference is the annual one-day strategic event since 2015, addressed free of charge to Maritime personnel, analyzing the impact of the Digitalization as well as of Information and Operation Technologies on the Maritime’s operations and business performance. Reserve your place today! Can you afford to miss it?